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Kissing the hand of the dead man in the dream will take away from the work, a peaceful period will be entered with the work to be put forward, the problems will soon disappear, the luck will open, the future will also promise, the damages will be compensated by the support of loved ones, some help will be provided for family members. that problems will be solved in this way, an unpleasant period will improve, he will encounter events that will annoy him when he wants to make better and more successful breakthroughs for the projects he wants to realize, and he will have a hard time, it will deteriorate as he tries to fix it, but better and more in the future. He is tired of acting wisely, that one of the family elders will get rid of an annoying situation, and that the earnings will increase.

Kissing the hand of the dead man in the dream indicates that his creation will be with him throughout his life, that he will soon gain a large amount of money, that friendship will be established with good people, and situations of concern will disappear.

Kissing the hand of an old man in a dream will take three from one job, make a profit, take courageous steps in his professional life, and thus become an invincible person, become very comfortable in terms of material and spirituality, heal diseases, damage to material and spiritual problems with the permission of Allah. It is said that people in need of help will receive help.

Kissing the hand of a clergyman in a dream indicates that a great partnership will be established about the business, that he will learn science and knowledge, he will be counted among the scholars, and he will perform some successful works.

Kissing the hand of a statesman in a dream will lead to miraculous developments in his life, meeting with his loved ones, thus achieving success, earning, respectability, fame, encouragement and self-confidence, some erroneous decisions he will make when he regains himself a little, and he will be faced by a great person. indicates that he will fall into very bad situations because of a slander.

Kissing the hand of a dead man in the dream indicates that the person who dreamed will experience events that will have difficulty in his patience and that the person will almost come to the point of rebellion, a happy and peaceful life will be lived for many years, and the things that cause the missed opportunities will be found.

Kissing the hand of the old man in your dream indicates that you will defeat a malicious person who is doing things behind you, will give himself to find the right way, and will soon be promoted to a higher position thanks to the works and projects that he will carry out in his business life.

Kissing a man’s hand in a dream rumors that even if family members have trouble about a subject that they do not speak to each other openly, the result will be sweet, their pleasure will be good, the business idea from a close friend will be evaluated, this project will be implemented without wasting time and wealth will be gained thanks to a resource to be found.

Kissing the hand of a statesman in a dream is a sign that it will always help people in need, that facts or situations will no longer be a danger, and that they will get stronger in material terms, as well as have a spiritual taste and enjoyment.

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