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Would it be a problem if I gave the first of these 3 amateurs as dirty. Thanks

Good day, my right to treatment and probation was given from Article 2 of 191, and it was finalized on 11/09/2012. 10/12/2012 treatment started The treatment ended on 08/01/2013 and the 1-year probation measure started and the audit ended on 8/01/2014. the decision was executed. In this case, can I be banned from my public rights. Is there any obstacle for me to be employed as a public officer for security organizations? What is the petition for the return of satisfied rights? I need your answer very much. Thank you.

Hello, the verdict of probation is not recorded in the registry. For the return of satisfied rights, it must be a punishment that has been executed, and 3 years must pass through it. For example; If there is any obstacle to the other civil service, a lawsuit can be filed for the return of satisfied rights.

Hello. I had a drug case for 1 year. There were 8 people involved in the incident. Someone slandered me and he was satiy and helped, so I got into the court. The court has fined me without evidence, how much is this fine on average? And I am a university student, my future record will be?

I am sure the brigadier has slandered you because the room is helping you !! believes in slander and fined you in the court !! If there was such slander, everyone without proof would slander each other and get punished !!

Selamun aleykum yesterday evening, I bought 1 cigarette smoking item from Bursa district for 15 TL, the plainclothes police who approached me on my way back to the neighborhood first made an identity search, then I gave them the cigarette yellowed substance on my own consent, I went to the police station I got my statement, I wrote a civil police report, I wrote my signature. I stated that I took it with a momentary offense, but I did not drink it, I did not use it, I wrote that I was very regretful. This caused me to be a police station for the first time. I have never been a police station until today, I wonder if I will lose it.

Meraba. my friend was on probation two three years ago and never got involved in water again. Two weeks ago, with the report of someone, the police raided his house, and they seized 26 grams of heroin with dogs. Then they took my friend, he is still in prison, what do you think will be sentenced or will they give probation again? And then, would it be useful if the person who reported the informant said that he had reported the wrong person?

Greetings, teacher, I was caught by the guards with two extacy pills in August 2019, they searched me and found it. I did not accept. I said I don’t know. I drank a lot of alcohol, I was drunk, we drank alcohol with people I don’t know. I offered whiskey, they pressed pills in my pocket even if they were forced to do it. “It is beautiful.” I am 40 years old. When will my court be? and what punishment will I get? Thanks regards, good luck…

Greetings, I have been urinating about 10 months on probation.

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