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Exactly 150 years ago, two entrepreneurial French journalists, Leon Langlois and Albert Aubert, got the exclusive right to set up and own a gambling facility in Monaco. The vocal name “Bains de Monaco” was not chosen by chance – Prince Florestan of Monaco decided to combine the idea of ​​relaxation and thermal water purification with a game of roulette and other gambling, following the example of Grand Duke Ferdinand who replaced the unknown Homburg. , the welfare of the principality.

The first game hall was opened in the port of Monaco, in the Condamine neighborhood. Then the casino appeared at the Hotel de Ruce on Palace Square. However, our journalists were fatally unlucky – the road from Tubria to Monaco required real courage, as it was going along a steep path only accessible to mules. Accordingly, there were very few visitors.

All this led to the fact that in 1857 the owners had to lay off staff and sell their offspring. The new owner, Merta, was Duval’s landowner. At the same time, he bought a plot with olive groves on a plateau above Spelug Bay.

The following year, the heirs of Florestan gave the first stone of the future casino named “Prince Elysees Alberti” in honor of Crown Prince Albert. It was decided to build a suitable road. The construction work that started with such an effort was stopped suddenly. All that was left of the third company, Societe des Bains de Mer, was a few meters of facade made of Arles white stone and two car huts.

The new company manager, Mr. Le Febre, speeded up the process of building the road, hotel, and completed the construction of a casino that opened its doors to visitors in 1863. The successful activity of Le Febre stems from the loss of exclusive right to the gambling business that was not taken over by none other than the billionaire Francois Blanc, who created the Homburg wealth. He qualified for the Societe des Bains De Mer and the Foreigners Association for one and a half million francs.

The casino has evolved and expanded. The famous architect Dutroot, who built the Industrial Palace in Paris, decorates the white walls of the playroom with elegant arabesques and creates a new Moorish hall. Visitors are now welcomed by employees dressed in elegant blue fabric uniforms, short pants and leggings. Monte Carlo’s fame spread with lightning speed throughout Europe and attracted more and more gambling visitors.

Instead of olive and lemon fields, luxurious villas and beautiful lush gardens emerged. Hotel de Paris is crowded. In 1869, 170,000 people visited the casino.

Not only European celebrities seen here! Duke De Gramont, Alexander Dumas, Baron Rothschild, Prince Osman, Jacques Offenbach, Prince Napoleon, Turkish famous General Mustafa Pasha … Yes, Monte Carlo has become a pilgrimage site for high society from all over the world!

Built under Le Fabre, the casino building was demolished in 1878 and less than six months later a new casino designed by architect Charles Garnier appeared in its place. The famous opera in Monte Carlo also built an opera house in Paris.

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